GC Support is a business providing IT support to organisations who, in general, do not have their own internal IT people.

It is run by me, Graeme Callaghan (otherwise known as GC for reasons which may occur to you), an IT professional with over 20 years experience in the industry.

GC Support has business relationships with a range of other professionals in the industry providing access to a wide range of skills and resources.

In general GC Support specialises in working with smaller organisations, often with limited budgets, to get the best out of their IT investment. One particular emphasis is on assisting clients with their relationships with a range of ICT-related providers and assist non-technical clients to resolve complex problems where it it not clear to them who they should call first. They call me first.

I have strong skills with Microsoft servers including various versions of Microsoft Server, Exchange Server, Small Business Server and others and also with various Linux systems including both commercially and community supported distributions depending on the customer’s needs. Other specialties include IBM hardware and software, Juniper networking equipment, VMware virtualization and Lenovo “Think-” branded desktops and laptops. Of course over the years I have gained wide experience with all kinds of technology, so no matter what the issue is and no matter what technology is involved I can either help you myself or find just the right person to work with.

Graeme Callaghan
GC Support
ABN: 82 062 328 348


Phone: 03 9017 3480

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, Configuration