Remote Assistance

Note: Only follow these instructions if you are already talking with me or one of my associates. Please take note of the warnings at the bottom of the page.

Regular customers can install Teamviewer instead of using the below instructions.

Otherwise, to allow quick access, click the link below and save the file somewhere easy to find. The Desktop is a good choice.

GC Support (Remote Assistance)

Go to the Desktop (minimize everything you have open if necessary) and double-click the file you just saved. It should be called “GC Support” or “GC Support.exe” unless you chose to change it when you saved it.

Your computer may ask you for permission to run the file and for the file to make changes to your system. The changes are temporary and generally not harmful.

The technician will advise you what to do next. Generally you will have to double click where it says “GC Support Head Office” orĀ “GC Support Remote Office”.

When the technician disconnects, or if the connection fails after several minutes, the program stops running and no longer allows anyone to access your system unless you run it again. Because it makes an outbound connection to our systems and does not allow any incoming connections it is safe to use as no one other than GC Support can access your system, and even then we need you to initiate the connection.

Warning: While we will always take the utmost care when working on your systems, we cannot control all possible circumstances. Therefore, as with all work we provide, we cannot take responsibility for any loss of data or any other loss which may occur while we are working on your systems or at any other time. All work is carried out entirely at your own risk.